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Education Resources

For 14 years, I taught elementary kids. Most of that time was spent teaching 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders. I wrote word problems, language arts centers, projects, and writing prompts in abundance. I have those things collected into 4 books published through Kindle Direct Publishing for 99 cents each.

As the state and federal testing gets increasingly harder, students are required to solve tougher math problems. This book contains over 400 word problems and questions for mathematical concepts. All the problems and questions have been used in 4th and 5th grade math classes. The problems vary in complexity and include information for modifying them upward or downward to meet a variety of needs.

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Into every life, errors must come. Sometimes edits I think I put in there didn't entirely make it. Other times I have a typo.

Crunchy Word Problems #4

As the question is written, the answer should be 1023. That's the smallest 4-digit number without repeating digits that doesn't start with a 0.

This is an example of an edit that didn't quite make it.

The question originally read, "What's the smallest 4-digit number without repeating digits or using 0?" That would be 1234.

 Finished? Now Get Busy!

There are always those students who finish an assignment early. Others won't even get started unless they can look forward to doing something more interesting. This book contains 55 challenge questions and 25 independent research projects that will keep students busy on a subject they're interested in. Many will do more higher order thinking while working on a project than they would do on a given assignment.

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Writing Prompts for Intermediate Grades

By the latter part of elementary, students in many states are required to write coherent essays and stories. This book contains over 250 writing prompts for those activities. Some of the prompts are based on the format of the current Texas tests. Others are suggestions of topics including comparisons, speculative fiction, expository essays, persuasive essays, and personal narratives. These writing prompts were used in 3rd and 4th grade language arts classes.

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LA Centers for Intermediate Grades

To do small group instruction, the students who aren't in the group need something to do. This book is full of activities that can be used as center rotations or independent practice. All the activities have been used in 3rd and 4th grade language arts classes. The assignments cover reading, writing, and penmanship and include suggestions for modifying upward or downward to meet a variety of needs.

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