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Adventures in Low-Tech


Lines of Succession

A princess, who would rather practice with her rapier or train her griffin, serves as her brother's regent after assassins kill or injure most of their family.

Condemned Courier

A courier discovers plans for a coup and races back across the continent to get the information to the king in time.

Short Stories:

"The Hat" in Hero's Best Friend

A cockatoo working for a king's intelligence corps has to retrieve a hat containing evidence of a traitor.

"Chasing the Sun" in Victorian Venus

An Inuit woman and her sled dogs help an agent fleeing her estranged son reach safety.

"The Dragon's Bane" in Medieval Mars

An itinerant peacekeeper investigates reports of dragons harassing an rural town.

In the Works:

Animal Eye

A bird and her boy help a mountain shepherd and his master track down the source of insane murderers.