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Playing "what-if" games with science.


Remnant in the Stars

A father searches for his lost daughter among the stars while dodging an old enemy: his own conscience.

The Loudest Actions

In the sequel to Remnant in the Stars, the crew of Gyrfalcon agrees to escort an ambassador on a first contact mission to a race with no spoken language.

Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo

A negotiator and a doctor are responsible for a peace treaty and finding the source of a plague.

Urushalon 1: Like Herding the Wind

An alien police chief takes an assignment to help her adopted son on the human police force deal with a crime wave, but the more critical battle is against her own grief.  

Urushalon 2: Into the Open

Amaya and Ed are tasked with protecting a group of dignitaries from criminals who are better equipped than they are.

Short Stories:

"The Last Mission" in A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court

A pilot who should have retired by now agrees to go on one last mission.

Avatars of Web Surfer

"Interference": A user's AI creates problems for her user's fiance, and battles the system administrator with the help of the redundant backup AI.

"Jewel Among the Stones": An injured jewelry designer suspects her relatives are not as helpful as they appear and gets help from an AI to prove it.

"Hard Knocks": In the sequel to "Jewel Among the Stones," the jewelry designer's young cousin defies one instruction too many and learns what it's like to be handicapped.

"The Fall of the Invincible Man": A group of friends play an online game and ignore the AI's warnings about how dangerous it really is.

"The Negotiator" in Aquasynthesis Again

A recovering drug addict finds help to escape a no-win situation presented by his father.

This prequel story involves some of Mindstorm's characters.